CHUWI 14.1'' Windows 11 Laptop HeroBook Pro+, 6GB RAM 128GB SSD, Intel Celeron N4020, Up to 2.8GHz, 1920x1080 FHD Display, 1TB SSD Expand, Slim Notebook PC, 2.4G+5G WiFi| BT4.2 | TF Card

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  • 【Powerful Intel Core Processor】CHUWI Herobook Pro laptop equipped with Intel Celeron N4020 processor(up to 2.8 GHz), based on 14nm technology and ultra-low power design. High-performance UHD Graphics 600 ensures fast image processing and provides sharp image quality. Highest frequency up to 750MHz, decoding 4K video smoothly.
  • 【RAM and Storage】This Windows 11 laptop with 6GB RAM+128GB SSD storage, make multiple applications execute seamlessly. Up to 128GB TF expansion and 1T M.2 SSD expansion, enough space for files, photos, and videos. Ideal laptop computer for school, business, and home. 5G dual-frequency WiFi provides a high-speed wireless network experience, improving data transmission.
  • 【2K FHD Screen】14.1 inch antiglare IPS screen, 1920*1080 resolution, high-definition 16:9 screen ratio provides a wider field of vision and a clearer and more comfortable visual experience. Full-size keyboard, 5.75-inch oversized trackpad, delivers you a smooth touch and operation performance. Supports 2.4G/5G dual-band WIFI, up to 867Mbps, always online.
  • 【Small Size, Big Rewards】Pre-installed Windows 11 system, automatic upgrade at no additional cost. CHUWI lightweight windows laptop weighs only 1.3kg and is thick only 0.83 inches. Large 38Wh lithium-ion battery last over 9 hours, built-in fast charging technology. Easily take this thin laptop PC and work on the go.
  • 【Connect More Creative Tools】This Windows 11 laptop with USB 3.0, USB 2.0, BT4.2, Micro-HDMI port, high-speed M.2, fast charging DC port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and TF card slot. Meet various using needs in your daily life. ♥ Free maintenance within one year after purchase, free return, and exchange within three months.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Standing screen display size14.1 Inches
Screen Resolution1920x1080 像素
Max Screen Resolution1920x1080 Pixels
Processor1.1 GHz celeron
Memory Speed2.8 GHz
Hard Drive128 GB SSD(M.2)
Graphics CoprocessorIntel UHD Graphics 600
Chipset BrandIntel
Card DescriptionIntegrated
Graphics Card Ram Size128 GB
Wireless TypeValues:
  1. Bluetooth

  2. 802.11a

  3. b

  4. g

  5. n

  6. ac

  7. 5 GHz Radio Frequency

  8. 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
Number of USB 2.0 Ports1
Number of USB 3.0 Ports1
Average Battery Life (in hours)9 Hours
Date First AvailableMay 25, 2020
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 12, 2020
Update 9/16/20 - Now the bad news. After setting the system up and using it for three days, the excitement and patience has worn thin, now to off. I have three things installed on the system, and all have become unusable due to the wait for the apps to load or to load content. Those three things are Mircosoft Edge/Firefox (I put them down as one, as I only use one or the other), Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Office. Moving from page to page in Edge/Firefox can take 5-20 seconds. Acrobat is unusable. 90% of my productivity comes from Word, Excel and Outlook or Mail. This morning when I picked up the laptop a slight sense of dread sat in, this from knowing I was going to return to 1995 and slow internet efficiencies. When I launched my Office to get to Word it took 11 second for Word to load, it took another 22 seconds for my entire doc to launch. This really breaks my heart because the machine is thin, fast to start up, quiet (no fan) and generally very cool to operate. Since I am being hindered and not enhanced by the machine, it has to go back, and if I am charged a restocking fee at this point I will gladly pay it. I'm going to list off first impressions from opening the shipping box, to start up. 1. Opened the Amazon box to find a very basic Chuwi plain box. 2. You can only open the Chuwi box from one end, where the power cord and charging brick are in another box, protecting the laptop with another flap. 3. Pull out the laptop and you will be surprised as to how thin and light it is. (covered in a simple plastic sleeve with a keyboard/screen protector) 4. The charging brick is CHEAP. I don't expect it to last, which is really bad and I'll explain later. 5. Plug it in, turn it on, and the standard Windows configuration awaits. 6. IT DOES NOT ASK FOR A NETWORK DURING THE SETUP. You can do this easy after the configuration, but for someone new, it will add some difficulty after its all done. 7. You set it up with a username and password. 8. After you're all done, then you type Update in the dialogue box and start the 10 updates, largely because this ships with a pretty aged build of Windows 10. 9. When that's all done run Update again to pick up the three that won't install until the basic upgrades are complete (select Restart). 10. Then run Update again to get the most recent security update. 11. If you're an Office user you'll also have to run the Mail and Calendar update (in my case it took three tries, but it finally downloaded). 12. After all is said and done, you'll download the basics (Adobe Reader, your favorite Office Suite, your favorite VPN and browser, GIMP/Photo Scape - photo editor, unzipper, an anti-virus software, etc). I also suggest something like Revo Uninstaller. I do not have any affiliation to them, but the standard uninstall built into Windows never completely removes a program, which is nice if you ever decide to reinstall an uninstalled program, but if you want it gone they leave breadcrumbs all throughout the Registry. I suspect all of the Windows updates is because Chuwi purchased an older OEM license for Windows to keep the costs down. For me that's OK, because I customize the configuration and fiddle enough that it gives me the option to opt out of more items than if it was a current default Windows build. Now to the experience. I'm going to say it once for effect, anytime I state a negative remember, this laptop is $350 has a 90% display that is pretty darn good, 8 Gb of RAM and a 256Gb SSD. The RAM and SSD are slow, but it's $350. Opening the laptop - It is magnetic and cannot be opened with one hand. It takes a few tries to find out how to easily open it with two hands. The screen - Aside from a very small light leak in the bottom left corner that is noticeable during the CHUWI splash screen, it is pretty amazing. The bezels are about a 1/4" around the sides and top. The color accuracy is very good, but the refresh rate is slow. Slow refresh rates are a pain, but not at this price point. IT DOES NOT HAVE A TOUCH SCREEN - Nor does it advertise a touch screen. The Keyboard - It has a very positive response and nice travel. After only a day I have not noticed any reporting errors in dialogue boxes. The backlighting is a joke, largely because the cutouts for the keys are not uniform, and thick as the backlight does not really show through well. The keys themselves are very pronounced with the light exploding around them. This one item brings down my overall review, because the backlighted keyboard was a major selling point. Boot up - It is =/- 15 seconds to the date and time Windows log in screen. Programs - All except the Edge browser and Office apps seem to launch pretty quick. Once inside the app everything works pretty timely. But (remember my disclaimer), apps are not as quick as they are on a desktop, or a $700 plus laptop with faster RAM and SSD. The CPU is not fast, but faster RAM and SSD would help a lot. While RAM is soldered to the motherboard, the Gen 3 m.3 PCIE storage upgrade is easy with a port door on the bottom. I'm not going to upgrade the unit, and can't speak to the speed improvements in doing so. Browser experience with Edge - Slow between sites. Youtube runs fine once you're on the site, but going from video to video there is a delay. There are other browsers out there that might be faster, although I think the limitations are within the laptop, not external to the web, router speeds, or how much pipe you have to the word (the speed at which you connect - although going over phone lines will not help with speed issues). This laptop is a generic stop gap media consumption device for me while I wait for the Apple Silicone Macbook Pro's to come out. Nope, I'm not an Apple fanboy, but attempting to unify around my last year's iPhone 11 purchase has me focused on platform unification. I did the same thing when I had a Windows phone. A p.s. to the Chuwi laptop review. It is fully Linux compatible, and will dual boot. My recommendations and caveats - This is a very nice inexpensive laptop, best suited for lower demand Office apps, media consumption, and lower demand apps. Photo editing is about the highest reasonable use you'll get from it. If you want a gaming system you'll need a drastically different video solution, faster (by a lot) RAM, and SSD. If you're wanting to produce videos, this system will be the bane of your existence. If you're looking for a school system, a small office stop gap laptop for administration (call center, excel sheets, adobe docs) this will be a great solution. Right now Chromebooks are like Unicorns, Leprechauns, and the Boogieman (impossible to find). If you do find one, you won't find one with 8Gb of RAM, 256GB of SSD, or this screen resolution for under $500. I said I'd address the charging block and forgot. I've tried a couple other USB-C chargers and the only one that works (so far) is the one provided with the laptop. In short, this laptop is a fantastic buy.
Reviewed on December 30, 2020
For the 8GB RAM(star of the show), sleek design, mid range to high quality display-- you cannot find a better or cheaper REMOTE DESKTOP. That's right. Other laptops in this price range do not offer this amount of RAM, with this lightweight of a device, and looking this pretty. You might be able to find one that satisfies 1 or 2 of those criteria, but not one that satisfies all 3. The Chuwi Lapbook Pro does, and this is exactly why I bought it. The camera is awful the couple times I've used zoom meetings on it, but you plug it in to your charger, you load up Chrome Remote Desktop and connect it to your Ryzen 9 desktop tower with 16GB RAM, and you're in business. You are not going to be gaming in 4k on this. This is not what it was meant to do. I've seen other reviews(I believe the international ones) saying it caught fire or something crazy-- and they were probably trying to overclock it. Although, the battery cooling is poor and it does get noticeably hot-- never had an issue with that and I don't force it to do things it isn't capable of doing. Imagine that! Battery is ok, but then again, I'm constantly using Remote Desktop, with the screen brightness on max-- if I cranked the brightness down and tried to write a research paper, I'm sure I could get the 6-8hrs Chuwi claims. But keep your laptops plugged in regardless. You're a bad purchaser if you let your battery die repeatedly, and you'll have a dead battery sooner or later on any laptop. Now for what I actually use it for: I use Chrome Remote Desktop. The 8GB ram is a must for this and I have 400mbps internet. I tried using my iPad Pro, and Google could care less about supporting that device. I've tried using laptops with 4-6GB RAM with diminishing returns. Basically unusable. I had a nice 16GB RAM Thinkpad, but it was old and massive, so I decided to look for something small and light but with a massive screen with minimal beveling on the edges of the screen. That's impossible right? WRONG! Chuwi did it with this. You're getting the form factor of a 2016-18 MacBook Pro here, for a fraction of a MacBooks price. I use Unreal Engine 4 on my main desktop in my office. I use the Chuwi downstairs or in bed because it's as light as a feather, and Remote Desktop runs absolutely flawlessly on it. I literally design video games set on max graphics on the Lapbook Pro-- thanks to Remote Desktop. You can do incredible things with this device, if you've already ponied up the money elsewhere for things that let you do incredible things. You wanna design a 4k video game on your couch and keep an eye out while your kids play Vacation Simulator in front of you? Lapbook Pro helps you achieve this. You can do it with other uglier, heavy, and bulky laptops-- but it's all about comfort and quality of life. So Remote Desktop, and a beast desktop are a must if you want to do things it was not made for. It can become your best friend if you use it like that. For gaming, I've tried mostly remote related things. PS Now, or lighter games on Xbox Game Pass. The Lapbook Pro performs as you'd expect. It's a low priced, mid-tier laptop. It's better than a notebook, it is not an ultrabook. I've already finished my History degree, but man I wish I had this when I was typing up the 16pg research papers a week before they were due. Would've made life easier. Would definitely recommend this to students. You're not gonna be cool without a MacBook, but it's as sleek as a MacBook, displays as well as a MacBook. Just runs windows instead. Also doesn't have any branding on the outer shell, so throw an apple sticker on there and fake it till you make it.
Reviewed on September 25, 2022
The battery won’t charge past 70%. And discarded in less than 1 hour. Even when plugged in it apparently is still using the battery. Won’t recommend.