Coolby Windows 10 Pro Laptop, 15.6 inch 1920x1080 IPS Screen, 8GB DDR4 RAM / 256GB SSD Laptop Computers, Intel J4125 Quad-Core Processor, Support Update Windows 11, Dual WiFi, BT, Full Size Keyboard

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    Product Attributes:

    Attribute NameAttribute Value
    Standing screen display size15.6 Inches
    Max Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
    Processor2.7 GHz celeron
    Memory Speed2.5 GHz
    Hard Drive256 GB SSD
    Chipset BrandIntel
    Card DescriptionIntegrated
    Average Battery Life (in hours)Values:
    1. 9.0

    2. 8.0 Hours
    Date First AvailableJuly 6, 2021
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    Rating4 stars and up

    Ratings & Reviews

    Reviewed on October 19, 2021
    A little background, I learned my father still uses the Chromebook I force-loaded Windows onto for him FIVE YEARS AGO. Any time he needs to do a task demanding more than his phone or android tablet, he's spinning up the clunker that was just-barely-fast-enough back then. I needed to get him off of the ancient hardware, but wanted to avoid a bunch of elbow grease or spending 2x as much for a name-brand laptop that would be honestly overkill for his browsing purposes. With that comparison in mind, I snagged this Coolby 'Zealbook' because buddy pointed out getting a new machine with a VERY efficient CPU would take a fraction of the energy and thus much stronger battery life. This one has a passive thermal design, and I won't have to intercept, repack, and reship it to send to the folks across the state to prepare if for them. Out-of-box experience was fine, Windows activates, no drama. By basic benchmarks, it's 2x or 3x as fast as the machine it replaces, has 8GB RAM available, and slips in ANY 15" notebook bag dad wants to throw it in. It's all "passively cooled" meaning it doesn't need to spin up a fan to relieve heat, just has heatpipes to distribute across the aluminum metal surface, like a MacBook Air. It has enough processing power to run Facebook smoothly, play back 1080p & 4K YouTube videos (though it'll get better battery life if just playing 1080p, as less intense processing), it can let him log into his archaic HR website for paystubs and sick days, it runs Windows Store apps and regular, classic Windows apps. Perhaps most importantly, he can sidestep the mobile stuff and quit squinting at his tablet. This machine is still going to be slower than an $800 or $1200 machine--you get what you pay for--but applying the same standard to all my tech purchases, the Zealbook does what it sets out to do and it does it reliably. It feels like one of the thin'n'light Ultrabooks from 2015 that would have cost 3x or 4x as much, except the edges are a lot more angular, nothing is rounded about it. It has a similar thermal standoff design to fancier new notebooks using the screen-lid's paneling to *lift* the whole machine off the surface of a desk, to provide some under-ventilation, so that's neat. Only con's are that those angles are sharp. I could see snagging a sweater sleeve on it, or something. Oh, and the power supply weighs NOTHING which is a little unsettling, it's like lighter than some beefy cellphone bricks, and I wish it had USB-C. But since they're using it and don't care about things like USB-C PD, I'm not going to worry about that. Not much else to say about it, the thing still has a headphone port but pairs happily with bluetooth headsets. It has a HUGE trackpad (is that normal? I feel like trackpads still aren't big on most notebooks, this was a pleasant surprise) and it has very few other bells and whistles. I'll bet half the cost of the thing was the LCD screen panel, which is the nicest thing about it. 1080p glossy screen, decent contrast, good enough for reading text or for watching streams.
    Reviewed on July 20, 2022
    I was a little hesitation to buy this laptop only because the previous ones I paid more for did not work the way I thought it would. Needed a new comp for work and I needed it for specific qualifications for job: screen size, speed, color & a lot of other things. This passed all of them with flying colors. Doesn’t give me any problems and it’s easy to use and it looks nice. I like the sleek clean feeling it gives. You will not be disappointed with purchase & I am a review kinda woman. The first thing I do after thinking about purchasing an item I go straight to reviews !
    Reviewed on June 09, 2022
    I purchased this laptop a couple months ago and have used it for work, leisure, and school. First of all, it is a FANTASTIC laptop. It's lightweight, has a long-lasting battery, and has never once lagged on me. In all honesty, it's probably one of my favorite laptops I've ever owned. Now, I unfortunately, happened to spill water all over the keyboard and ended up killing the screen as a result. (Totally my fault. Not the fault of the PC. Obviously.) Because I had owned this computer for only a few short months, I reached out to Coolby in hopes of either getting a repair or perhaps trading in the laptop for a new one at possibly a discounted rate. But Coolby reached out to me and promised to send me a replacement at no cost despite the fault being my own. I just mailed my broken computer back and am currently waiting for the replacement. I'll update the review as soon as I get it. But seriously, this is such an incredible laptop at such an unbelievable price. Update: I received the new laptop before my broken one had even made it to their warehouse. Seriously can't get over how great customer service has been. If I could give Coolby 6 stars, I would.
    Reviewed on August 27, 2022
    The screen is crystal clear and it’s very durable. Battery life is ok. About 3hrs of power
    Reviewed on July 05, 2022
    This thing is amazing. Thin, light, large screen and most importantly, very fast. Much faster than my windows 10 and 11 destop machines. I was hoping for a decent daily use laptop and this performs so well, that I am able to retire both of my newer desktop PCs. Great work. I was a little worried since my last laptop was a toshiba and this was a non-name brand but I am so glad I got this unit. Not even one complaint. Great work and thank for an excellent machine at a great price.