HP Stream 11 Laptop, Intel Celeron N4020, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Storage, 11.6” HD Anti-Glare Display, Windows 11, Long Battery Life, Thin & Portable, Includes Microsoft 365 (11-ak0040nr, 2021 Diamond White)


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  • PORTABLE AND EXPRESSIVE DESIGN – Stay productive and connected all day with an HP laptop that is affordable, portable, and incredibly stylish.
  • HD DISPLAY FOR ANYWHERE – Enjoy every bit of detail thanks to your laptop’s brilliant high-definition (1366 x 768) display (1); easily take this laptop from room to room or outside due to its lightweight design and its anti-glare panel.
  • DUAL-CORE PROCESSOR – Power through your workday with the great performance and instant responsiveness of the dual-core Intel Celeron N4020 processor (2).
  • STUNNING GRAPHICS – Smoothly stream your favorite content and easily run next-gen games with Intel UHD Graphics 600 (3).
  • STORAGE AND MEMORY – An embedded multimedia card provides 64 GB of reliable, flash-based storage while 4 GB of RAM expands your bandwidth and boosts your performance (4).
  • LIBERATING BATTERY LIFE – Take on the day without worrying about recharging with up to 13 hours and 15 minutes of battery life (5).
  • WINDOWS 11 HOME AND WARRANTY – Experience faster bootup times, increased responsiveness, and added protection against phishing and malware with Windows 11 Home in S Mode (6). And with a 1-year limited hardware warranty, you’ll enjoy even more peace of mind.
  • CONNECTIVITY WHENEVER YOU NEED IT – Sync up all your Bluetooth accessories and enjoy strong Wi-Fi connectivity with the reliable Realtek RTL8822CE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2x2) Wi-Fi (7) and Bluetooth 5.0 combo (8).
  • MICROSOFT 365 – Bring your ideas to life with the Microsoft 365 Office suite, now offering Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with added smart assistance features to up your creative game (1-year subscription included) (9).
  • BUILT FOR THE FUTURE – Study, stream, and share on a sustainable laptop that is both ENERGY STAR certified (10) and EPEAT Silver registered (11).

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Standing screen display size11.6 Inches
Screen Resolution1366 x 768
Max Screen Resolution1366 x 768 Pixels
Processor1.1 GHz celeron_n4020
Hard DriveSSD
Graphics CoprocessorIntel UHD Graphics 600
Chipset BrandIntel
Card DescriptionIntegrated
Graphics Card Ram Size4 GB
Wireless Type
  1. Bluetooth

  2. 802.11a

  3. g

  4. n

  5. ac
Number of USB 3.0 Ports3
Average Battery Life (in hours)13.15 Hours
Date First AvailableOctober 5, 2021
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 19, 2022
I've had several technology fails this year, including my gaming laptop and my Linux laptop breaking down. My budget is not what it was when I bought the gaming laptop, and the other one was a hand-me-down from a relative. So, I needed a cheap laptop to do basic typing and web browsing on until I can afford something to game on. Finding a non-Chromebook under $300 is tough these days, so I took a chance on this model. This laptop is good for very basic functionality. It's small, lightweight, and runs quickly enough (granted you buy a separate hard drive and don't overload its very small memory). I have the feeling that it would run better with an older OS: Windows 11 is not only awful on its own, it's terribly bloated for a small-memory machine like this one. I won't go into all the reasons why I hate W11 here, that would be a whole other review. I would recommend installing another OS on it if you have the know-how to do so. I may eventually install a Linux OS on it if performance ever decreases. So far, it's quick enough for me. Don't expect lightning-fast loading, though. Another tip: look up ways to unload extra programs to free up space and don't have any programs run on start/continuously in the background if you can help it (OneDrive really bogs the system down). The screen quality is middling but it displays videos crisply enough. I wish it would dim a little more, since I often type in low-lighting. This leads me to my biggest complaint: NO KEYBOARD BACKLIGHT. I suspected it wouldn't have one since it wasn't mentioned in the product description, but since it's such an important feature, I'm mentioning it in all-caps here. I use a low-wattage lamp to type by and I can see the keys (the white keyboard helps with this), not to mention I can type without looking at the keyboard often, but be warned about this! I know a keyboard backlight is a must-have for anyone that may need to type in extremely low/no-lighting situations. I'll also mention that this is not a touchscreen laptop. I never use touchscreen laptops, but I know some buyers may expect this feature. The touchpad mouse has no buttons and can be a bit wonky; I highly recommend buying a separate mouse. I tried to run Steam and some games on this machine out of curiosity. Don't do that. Even pixel art games with low-demand graphics will skip, sometimes freeze, and put too much demand on the system. I haven't tried streaming video from this machine to my TV yet. This is not a media or gaming laptop, though. You can stream any service on its native screen (YouTube, etc) easily, play music streaming or old school mp3s (you'll need a separate drive for CDs/DVDs), but I wouldn't push it beyond that. In conclusion, it's what I expected for the price. I wish it had an older version of Windows and a keyboard backlight, but neither is necessary for my needs. I use it for listening to music while typing and sometimes streaming YouTube, it works fine for those things. I've un-bloated the system as much as possible and done some tweaks to get it to run as fast as it can, but not every buyer may know how to do this and especially running OneDrive all the time can bog the system down considerably. It definitely needs a separate flash or hard drive to extend its memory. I will update this review in the future if any issues arise.
Reviewed on September 19, 2022
There’s nothing fancy about this thing. I bought it to supplement my Mac products for work compatibility when needed. I don’t really use it to run apps or thirsty programming. It does Microsoft office, saves files, talks to the cloud, and connects to the web with wifi. It does everything I need and nothing I don’t. For the price, I’m happy, and if it’s stolen or breaks, I won’t lose sleep.
Reviewed on September 26, 2022
I liked this laptop because I was looking for something small but powerful to travel with. It is perfect and I like Windows11. The plus for me is it had an hdmi slot sling with a usb slot. Prefect for me. You have easily get it out of S mode to install the other programs you use.
Reviewed on August 27, 2022
It works great but the scree. Is so small it makes it hard to work on. You'll probably need a docking station or additional screen for it. However, it does tell you the size when you're purchasing
Reviewed on May 23, 2022
I have a iMac desktop which I absolutely love but I can’t take it with me when I leave the house, so I bought this little guy so I could grab and go. I was anticipating a little more from it to be honest. There are a few big problems I have with it. First, it runs Windows 11 S. I don’t know what the S stands for but I’m guessing it means slow because it is painfully slow. Downloading the software updates took over a hour and a half. Secondly, the 64GB hard drive space is half way full just from the operating system and software applications it comes with. I used 2GB loading photos alone. I decided not to put my music on it just to save disk space. Lastly, as I said before, it runs Windows 11 S. I attempted to download some files from the internet but the Windows wouldn’t allow me to do it. It forces you to use Microsoft Store which is terrible if your looking for a good selection of apps. If you’re okay with those problems I experienced then go ahead and buy yourself one. I would suggest you spend your money elsewhere. Unfortunately I’m going to have to send it back because it’s not what I wanted or what they said was.
Reviewed on September 03, 2022
I love this little laptop so much! Bought it last minute when I found out my chromebook wouldn't work with my new school's online software. Wonderful decision I'm so glad I bought it! Holds a charge very well and is the perfect size
Reviewed on September 05, 2022
Muy buena la laptop la verdad es una mini laptop mas bien sirve para escritorio y negocios es bien practica la puedes llevar contigo para todos lados 👌🏻
Reviewed on August 09, 2022
overall good value