Jumper Laptop 14 Inch Full HD 1080P Display,12GB RAM,256GB SSD,Intel Celeron 64-bit,Windows 11 Laptops Computer(with WiFi,USB3.0,Bluetooth 4.2,Mini HDMI) Gray

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    Product Attributes:

    Attribute NameAttribute Value
    Standing screen display size13.3 Inches
    Max Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
    Processor2.2 GHz celeron
    RAM8 GB
    Hard Drive256 GB SSD
    Graphics CoprocessorHD Graphics 500
    Card DescriptionIntegrated
    Number of USB 3.0 Ports2
    Average Battery Life (in hours)6 Hours
    Date First AvailableDecember 21, 2021
    AvailabilitySold Out
    Rating4 stars and up

    Ratings & Reviews

    Reviewed on August 13, 2022
    Purchased this for online classes and basic use not expecting to game or video edit with this. Didn't want to deal with a Chromebook but it is Chromebook like in size. On top of all the price was very competitive compared to other laptops in size, class, and features. Also an early buyer as Amazon just listed it for about a month. Initial impression: Came in nondescript box but surprised at how lightweight it is after unboxing. Barely feels 2 lbs. Features: Windows 11 Home pre-installed not S mode like many low priced laptops. Fast bootup. Has 12 GB of ram (non-upgradeable) unlike others in its class which have 4, 6 or less so 8GB. Hard drive is 256 GB SSD plenty of space for essential programs. Bonus: Date of Bios out of box is 06-22-22!? Screen:. Remarkably the 14 inch screen is 1080p. On intial setup the scale is set at 150%, so adjust to your liking. At 100% fonts may be too small. Screen is not IPS so you must look directly for best viewing experience. Battery Life: Haven't used it enough to make an estimate but seems to go down 1% every 3-4 minutes. Cons (mostly minor in my opinion): 1. No cooling fan so bottom left side where charging port is located gets hot and even hotter when charging. Seems to be common issue with imported Chinese laptops. 2. Screen is not IPS. 3. Processor is just 2 cores and at 1.1Ghz each. 4. Webcam doesn't support Windows Hello so expect to enter password or pin at every bootup (highly recommended to keep unwanted people from using it). 5. Speakers are tinny, you'll want headsets (Bluetooth or wired). Overall, for its price it's small, light, and portable enough for me to bring on vacation. Don't expect it to compete or outperform a M*book Air though.
    Reviewed on September 09, 2022
    I searched and searched for a laptop that had a fast processing speed and ample memory. I was about to settle for a reconditioned, then on page 14 of the Amazon search, I stubbled upon the Jumper laptop. It had both and at a price I can afford. I have been so happy with it. It definitely is living up to it's description. If you're looking for an inexpensive laptop with fast RAM and a good memory, this one is really good!!
    Reviewed on August 17, 2022
    except its not and you didn't... that's just the sale... its incredibly unresponsive, just opening roughly 5 tabs on firefox can lead to it slowing down immensely. I left it in sleep mode for 2 days (1 day after buying, didnt use it on the first day) and was greeted with a black screen, had to hard reset twice to get it to repair itself so i could use it again. i've had no such issues with my 2 yr old ASUS that cost me 30 more than the original price of this, even after i dropped that one several times and spoiled the wiring with sanitizer... -that* laptop had the same storage, but had less RAM, and was bulkier this is nice thin and transportable (a plus for sure) and of course as a result would never withstand that type of damage i mean ignoring the RAM and Storage, as is, it runs pretty much like a 200 dollar laptop i'd 100% recommend for anyone (like me) who happened upon this sale at a time when their tech budget was around 170-300 yeah, if thats the case buy it, buy it immediately you wont get these kind of numbers for your RAM and Storage anywhere else at this price for the most part
    Reviewed on September 10, 2022
    It's small light weight and runs nice
    Reviewed on September 15, 2022
    Great for what I use it for. I use it for searching for parts and info on repairs on things I’m repairing.
    Reviewed on September 09, 2022
    For just a little over $200 you get a great laptop. We use it for daily errands and schooling purposes. It's quick to load on the web and easy to transport around!
    Reviewed on August 31, 2022
    Initially skeptical because we had never heard of the manufacturer/company, but some quick research looked promising. So glad that we bought the Jumper laptop for our high-school student--no issues, unbelievably lightweight, holds charge as advertised, no keyboard issues. Highly recommend it for a budget-friendly student laptop!!
    Reviewed on September 10, 2022
    We purchased this lap top for our son. It's a great size. Good quality lap top for the fraction of the cost of a laptop.