Lenovo - 14e Chromebook - Educational Computer - Laptop for Students - AMD Dual-Core Processor - 14.0" FHD Display - 4GB Memory - 32GB Storage - Chrome OS


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  • Easy to use 14e Chromebook is designed to help students and teachers thrive in a fast-changing environment
  • This tough, durable but portable student laptop features a water-resistant keyboard and reinforced ports; it weighs just 3.27 lbs, so it's easy to carry
  • The long-life battery lasts all day on a single charge for an uninterrupted learning experience
  • A student workhorse that offers robust connectivity, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports, plus a 3.5mm audio-microphone combo jack
  • Give teachers and students access to hundreds of educational apps like G Suite for Education and the Chromebook App Hub

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Standing screen display size14 Inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Max Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Processor2 GHz amd_a_series
Memory Speed1.6 GHz
Hard DriveSSD
Graphics CoprocessorAMD Radeon R3
Chipset BrandAMD
Card DescriptionIntegrated
Graphics Card Ram Size4 GB
Wireless Type
  1. Bluetooth

  2. 802.11a

  3. b

  4. g

  5. n

  6. ac
Number of USB 3.0 Ports4
Average Battery Life (in hours)10 Hours
Date First AvailableMay 10, 2019
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 20, 2022
P osuct was not what it was described as since it could not perform to the needs of today's school kids.
Reviewed on October 11, 2019
This is the first Chromebook I had, I used window desktop and laptop for 15 years. I don't know how the performance compare to others Chromebook, for me is just enough to open about 7 tabs with 1 youtube video playing, in this situation it is slow to move cursor and click the items on page. If you try to playback the 720p60fps or 1080p YouTube, I don't think the processor is good enough to play it as it is lag it you try to do other command, if you try to adjust the video playback speed, it will lag after a few seconds and the video and audio is not synchronized. If you want to keep the performance just below the limit of this laptop, you can only open 5 tabs on the same time with 1 youtube video 720p or lower quality. The startup time is 2-3 second, but there will be 2 seconds wait for the chrome load up a page. There will be 5-10second of opening a Google sheet. The Google map is not smooth to use on this laptop, lag to zoom in/out. For hardware, it is a 1080p mon, 2x usb-c(only 1 can charging), 2x usb-A, 3.5mm mic/headphone, a micro-sd slot. 32GB storage, 11GB for android, 2.5 for chromeOS, 18.5GB rom only. For me is good enough for light use such as web surface, using Google doc, sheet to do some travel research, the shortcut is also very good, fast to open/close/switch page. But I cannot use it for daily, I only use when I am lazy to turn on the desktop/ not using for a long time/ take it out for discussion. If you are using a middle range hardware(say i5-4430) computer for a long time, I don't think Lenovo 14e Chromebook can reach your standard of a computer, maybe you can try m3 core or even i3 core Chromebook, it should be fast enough for chrome os as it is a light os compare to window 10. Using this laptop spec for window 10 will be much worst than chrome os. For me, if buying a new Chromebook few years later should buy a i3 core CPU to make sure the performance, as I need is speed and fast enough to open 10 or more tabs and playback 1080p with 2x speed with no lag. To conclude, Pro: light use maximum 6-7 tabs in the same time is ok Cheap Premium outlook 1080p 14" mon Can load android apps but slow Con: Slow compare to mid range desktop. Small storage, 18.5GB only No touch screen
Reviewed on August 15, 2022
La compra fue para una persona mayor, y es excelente ya que todas las aplicaciones que se tenia en su teléfono, se paso a la chromebook. Excelente compra
Reviewed on August 26, 2022
Easy to use. Still learning what all it can do
Reviewed on September 11, 2019
I spent way more time shopping for a cheap laptop than I care to admit. Used, refurbs, outlet deals...I looked everywhere for a halfway decent sub-$300 laptop that ticked all my boxes; lightweight, powerful enough to handle basic tasks (web browsing, emailing, office functions), at least somewhat "future proof", and not completely devoid of basic external connection capabilities. Nothing in the Windows OS world really offered everything I needed. I wound up narrowing my choices down to Chromebooks. This little Chromebook is, so far, perfect for me. It's not prohibitively expensive, but it's also no horribly cheaply made. I've owned a couple of cheap Chromebooks, and while they were plenty functional, they felt like toys. The build quality of this Chromebook is top notch. It's super speedy, boots up in an instant (as most Chromebooks do), and has all the basic functionality I need. The two USB ports are a huge plus, as is the availability of a Bluetooth connection. The screen quality is excellent. The display is bright and vibrant. So much so that I had to turn it down to 60%. Sound quality is lacking, but that's not really relevant, as no one's buying a Chromebook because they need exceptional sound quality. I'm not too fond of the trackpad. I can't quite find a mouse speed setting that moves the cursor just the way I like. It's not a big deal, though. It's more of a personal preference issue, and I use my external Bluetooth mouse most of the time. As a whole, this Chromebook is a solid 5 star purchase. For the price, it really doesn't get much better than this.
Reviewed on December 11, 2019
I use this four days a week for around 2.5 hours a day of streaming Prime Video and mixed web browsing. Battery life is exceptional, probably close to 9 hours streaming Prime continuously. It is small and light enough to be really easy to carry in a backpack or such (I carry mine around the university campus in my backpack almost every day). The screen is surprisingly good. The picture quality is very sharp, and the viewing angles are actually pretty good for a TN panel (I use a VA on my desktop and am spoiled by the ridiculously good viewing angles). It’s not gonna knock your socks off, but it won’t leave you dissatisfied. Overall a 5 star product considering it is only $200
Reviewed on August 18, 2022
Without access to the internet, this laptop is useless. The wifi wont enable. I have tried to fix the issue, thinking the wifi card or some other hardware may have been jostled during transit, but it did not work. Do not recommend.